Financial Commercial and Industrial Corporation «Ontustik» supports many social and environmental projects, providing assistance in solving problems relevant to the territories, strengthening culture, sports, education.

The management of the companies is confident that the sustainable development of any industry and the state as a whole is inextricably linked with the maintenance of long — term partnership in the social sphere.

  • The secondary school in Shilik village in Otyrar district of Turkestan region was put into operation in 2008. The school is built in accordance with state standards and equipped with everything necessary. The project cost is more than 166 million tenge. This is the native school of Serikzhan Seitzhanov, his father, Seitzhan Kurtayev, worked there for a long time. By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On naming heroes of the Soviet Union and veterans of the Great Patriotic War and renaming educational organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan», this school was named after Seitzhan Kurtayev.

  • The kindergarten «Khadisha ana» in Shilik village of Otyrar district was built within the state program «Balapan» and put into operation in 2013. Today it is attended by 90 children, 25 em- ployeeswork there.

  • Secondary school No. 103 in Shymkent was built as part of «Social Responsibility of Business» program in 2010. The classrooms are equipped with everything necessary for a modern educational process. The project value is more than 214 million tenge, 1,700 students attend the educational institution, 145 teachers work.

  • The kindergarten «Kos Ana» opened its doors to the children at the end of 2016. It was opened on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it was a gift to the citizens from benefactor Serikzhan Seitzhanov. The name of the kindergarten «Kos Ana» in translation from the Kazakh language means «Two Mothers». The founder captured the names of two women who became the personification of great maternal love for him — this is Serikzhan Seitzhanov’s mother Khadisha, who, after being widowed, remained with 11 children, and her friend Ziyash, who alone raised 12 children. The kindergarten is designed for 280 places. Qualified teachers work in the garden, there is a full- time doctor, psychologist, speech therapist. The health of babies is closely monitored here – there is a physiocabinet with UHF devices, a bioptron and a nebulizer. Game halls and study rooms are provided with necessary equipment, there is a children’s sauna and a swimming pool where children are taught to swim. The kindergarten has various interest groups – English and chess, art studio and pottery, art therapy and choreography, mini-tennis and football, dancing and robot technology.

FCIC “Ontustik” and South Oil LLP support many social and environmental projects, assisting in solving urgent tasks for the territories, strengthening culture, sports and education. The management of the companies is sure that sustainable development of any industry and the state as a whole is inextricably linked to maintaining long-term partnerships in the social sphere.