Innovation and Technology College was founded in 2010. The educational institution prepares students for careers in the oil, construction, and other sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy. Director — Seitzhanov Kerimzhan Seitzhanovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

 The College has a lifetime license for educational activities in 11 specialties:

  1. Operation of oil and gas fields (technician – technologist );
  2. Drilling of oil and gas wells and drilling technology (technician – technologist);
  3. Operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment (mechanic technician);
  4. Chemical technology and production (technician – technologist);
  5. Information security systems (Information security technician);
  6. Digital technology (electronics technician);
  7. Construction and operation of buildings and  structures (construction technician);
  8. Production of building products and structures (technician – technologist);
  9. Hotel management (supervisor);
  10. Catering (technologist);
  11. Tourism (Tourism Manager).

Innovation and Technology College has two modern educational buildings with four and five floors and everything needed for a high-quality education: 37 classrooms, five laboratories, an assembly hall, a first-aid post, a canteen, a gym, and four modern workshops.

The college is fully equipped with modern technical equipment. In particular, the classrooms for physics, electrical engineering, electronics, chemistry, computer science, and computer engineering, as well as the oil and gas cabinet, are all equipped with three virtual educational complexes. The lab classrooms have the most recent generation of visual aids and information technology systems. Students can apply their theoretical knowledge in locksmith, mechanical, and welding workshops, as well as materials science and certification classrooms that include drilling machines and mechanisms.

There are also four computer labs, a public services office, 17 classrooms with projectors, two language labs, and four interactive whiteboards at the college. For students of service specialties, there is a fully equipped training hotel room. There is a library and an electronic reading room with a large book fund to encourage independent work and broaden students’ horizons. Diploma and course design classrooms are available for the execution and defense of term papers and theses.

The educational process at the college is carried out by highly qualified teachers, including doctors of technical sciences, masters, and first and second-level teachers.

College students undergo production, technological, and pre-graduate internships at the well-known and advanced oil companies in the southern region  «SOUTH-OIL», «Smart Oil,, and Standard Cement, as well as the construction organizations «Munay Kurylys Service, Ontustik Kurylys Service»  and «Rixos Khadisha Shymkent» Hotel, where good conditions are created for the qualitative acquisition of professional skills in the specialties. Leading professionals in social partner enterprises oversee the internship.

 Divisions of the Company

When the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to implement the dual education system, Innovation and Technology College was chosen as one of two experimental sites in South Kazakhstan. Modern manufacturing necessitates ready-made specialists who, from the start, will have clear ideas about tasks and technologies for their implementation. This is where dual education comes in handy: the close connection of theory and practice, educational institution and training production. The college is currently a regional leader in implementing a dual education system.

Dual training is a promising program for specialized training. Graduates of such programs find it easy to find work, and they can handle production tasks quickly and easily.

Offices outfitted with cutting-edge technology are available at «SOUTH-OIL» enterprises for this purpose. Students receive practical training at the «Kenlik» field in the Kyzylorda region from «SOUTH-OIL», and they live in an equipped rotation village. Classrooms are also available at the «Ontustik Kurylys Service» LLP and «Standard-Cement» LLP plants.

Cooperation with educational institutions and production enables the company to annually educate all categories of workers, decide on specific innovative tasks, and work in intensive, developing production conditions.

In addition, the management of «SOUTH-OIL», «South Construction Service», «Oil Construction Service», and «Standard-Cement» assists college teachers with workplace internships.

Every year, under the supervision of teachers and industrial training masters, college students compete in regional professional excellence competitions «World Skills Kazakhstan» in the competencies «Bricklaying», «Dry building mixes», and «Web design», «Hotel receptionist», where they regularly win prizes. College students have been ranked first in the competence of “Hotel receptionist” for the past three years, and they have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities at republican competitions. Diplomas and valuable gifts were given to students and their supervisors.

Diplomas and letters of gratitude were presented to the college’s management and teachers for their achievements. The President of the Republic of Korea presented the college’s director with a Letter of Gratitude.

Kazakhstan, Deputy Director for Information Technology I. Mukhamedzhanuly received a Certificate of Honor from the Minister of Education and Science.Also, a number of teachers were awarded with letters of gratitude from the education departments of the region and the city.

The primary goals of Innovation and Technology College are to raise the level of education by deepening the integration of theoretical and practical training, improving technical training methods, equipping classrooms, laboratories, and classrooms with modern equipment, and improving teacher quality through advanced training and internships of special discipline teachers in the workplace.