In the Republic of Kazakhstan, gold is mined both at indigenous gold fields and simultaneously as a component of polymetallic raw materials in the production of non-ferrous metals. To mine gold-bearing ore from 1 to 9 grams of precious metal, it is necessary to process a ton of rock. But the gold mining industry is one of the locomotives that creates jobs, develops infrastructure, and creates related industries.

«Central Asia Mining LLP is engaged in gold mining with the use of new technologies. The company was established in June 2013. Since 2016, the core activity of the company has been the exploration and production of solid minerals on the basis of Contracts concluded with the Ministry of Industry and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

To date, «Asia Mining Co. LLP is developing one production contract and two production contracts at Kumystinsk Square in Turkistan region, as agreed with the Ministry of Industry and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To date, the scale of exploration and production operations is actively increasing. This will provide new opportunities for the search and exploration of new fields and an increase in the reserves of existing fields, which will increase the volume of mineral production in the future. 

The key consumers of the products are «Tau-Ken Altyn» LLP, «Advaita Trade DMCC» LLP, and «Kazakhmys Corporation» LLP. 

To keep production going, the following facilities are built: a rotation village, administrative and household complexes, a car park, crushing and screening complexes, and other necessary equipment. 

In 2018, a heap leaching plant for gold-bearing ores with a capacity of 600,000 thousand tons per year was commissioned in the Suzak district of Turkistan. 

Неар leaching is an effective technology for processing gold-bearing ores. Compared with traditional technologies, heap leaching is characterized by low capital investments and operating costs in production, as well as the low cost of gold and silver mining. For this type of production, the company uses the products of «Talas Investment Company» LLP in its work. 

 At the end of 2019, it started the replacement of the processing equipment of the concentrat­ing plant, which produces gold-containing concentrate using the flotation method of ore enrichment, and in March 2020, there was the first production of «gold-containing concentrate». 

Technology for enriching gold ore is based on the selective fixation of minerals at the interface between phases, which makes them easier to wet. Flotation is done in machines that look like a sheet-steel bath with walls that divide it into several cube-shaped chambers. 

One of the simplest directions is placer gold mining. In 2017–2020, «Central Asia Mining Со» LLP acquired five modem PBSH-100 mecha­nisms for gold placer mining. 

«CentralAsia Mining LLP maintains a strategy for accounting for industrial and environmental monitoring. It has detailed plans for environmental protection measures. Negative impact is permitted under the law, and a number of measures are in the works to reduce environmental risks. 

The development of a project’s raw material base is due to additional production of exploited fields in order to transfer available resources into the category of reserves and include them in the production program, as well as by involving the resource base of nearby fields, including refractory ores fields, in the tumo­ver. 

During the operation of the heap leaching plant in early 2021, it became necessary to construct a workshop for the separation of associated copper in the production of liquid gold. The copper separation workshop project was developed in accordance with all industrial and technological standards and was successfully completed in 2022. The workshop is currently in the commissioning stage, with subsequent commissioning. 

«Central Asia Mining о» LLP employs over 750 people, all of whom are Kazakh citizens. Gold mining is а knowledge-inten­sive and high-tech production, therefore, the per­sonnel policy of the enterprise is focused on im­proving the skills of employees. The Company’s long-term goal is to improve operational efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the overall effectiveness of personnel and production by utilizing best practices and innovative approaches, as well as new information technologies and tools.