FCIC «Ontustik» is a large, efficient company that has been creating new integrated solutions together with partners for 16 years.

The company includes high-tech enterprises of various sectors of the economy that meet the needs of both consumers and the state as a whole.

For 16 years, a pleiad of companies operating in the field of mining, industry and production, construction and service has grown under the wing of «Ontustik». By increasing the production potential, the company increases the resource base, opens deposits, introduces innovative technologies, creates jobs, and increases the growth of tax deductions to the budget.


The structure of FCIC «Ontustik» includes the only plant for production of sodium cyanide in Kazakhstan – «Talas Investment Company» (2008). Sodium cyanide is used in the gold mining industry and a number of other industries. Previously, sodium cyanide was an imported commodity.

Over the years of development, FCIC «Ontustik» turned into a large holding company, where, in addition to oil and gas companies, supporting productions appeared — from drilling to cement manufacturing. This allows not to depend on suppliers and launch new investment projects step by step.

FCIC «Ontustik» strengthens its position, relying on high technology and a motivated team of professionals. The portfolio of plans includes 10 new large — scale projects agreed with the Government of Kazakhstan, which involve investments from such major international institutions as JP Morgan, TSS Group. The implementation of these projects is expected to create at least 8,500 jobs. The company replenishes the map of industry and energy of the country’s regions, becoming a part of a large industrialization process in the Republic of Kazakhstan.