Drilling and blasting is a set of production processes for separating a part of the rock from the massif by explosion with its simultaneous fragmentation and movement. Drilling and blasting is also necessary in the process of mining, in construction when laying engineering networks, etc.

In a large mining company, such division plays an important role. “Center-PromGeophysics” was opened in 2012, and then the necessary licenses and permits were obtained to conduct geophysical surveys of wells and perforation and blasting (GIS and PVR). Another direction – drilling and blasting – appeared in 2017.

CenterPromGeophysics is a service company in the fields of geophysical, geological, technological, drilling, and blasting services. The company has its own production base and technological platform for logging in open and closed wellbores, as well as PVR, its own metrology service, and a service for the repair of geophysical equipment.

The company provides a wide range of services for geophysical operations in open and closed boreholes, perforation and blasting works, geological and technological surveys in oil and gas wells of SGTI, drilling and blasting in open pits for the extraction of solid minerals.

Production geophysics experts with more than 30 years of expertise work for the company. There are 140 highly skilled professionals employed here who operate in the drilling and blasting and geophysical fields. In addition to eight teams for work at the SGTI’s geological and technological stations, there are eight highly specialized universal geophysical teams for conducting geophysical surveys in open-closed wellbores and PVR.

The base and the shift camp are located at the Aryskum site, the operational centers are in the cities of Shymkent, Kyzylorda, Aktobe. On the territory of the camp there are warehouses for temporary storage of explosives and radioactive sources of ionizing radiation, a geophysical laboratory for the repair and metrology of geophysical equipment operates. Drilling and blasting involves ten crews working in shifts on five drilling rigs at the Karakus, Altyntau and Nizhniy Kumisty quarries. The company’s arsenal includes six logging geophysical stations, four SGTI stations, a truck crane, and a laboratory of the LPS perforating station.

Over the years, the company has built up a partner network, and nowadays customers include such companies as: Kumkol Trans Service, KazpetrolGroup, OceanPetroleum, SOUTH OIL LLP, Nursat Baur, Oil Technology and Engineering Company Haylon ”, “Kazburgaz”, “NeftTechService”, “SMART-OIL”, “Teriskey”, “STANDARD CEMENT” and others.