After years of careful preliminary work, construction work began in 2023 on one of «SOUTH- OIL’S» largest and most important facilities. These are the University Multifield Hospital and the Clinical Diagnostic Center in Shymkent. The hospital will provide a full cycle of medical care that meets modern hospitalization requirements, with a continuous process of patient treatment based on advanced medical science and the use of modern medical technology.

A large, modern hospital – a critical need of a third megalopolis. Shymkent city is growing, the birth rate is traditionally high in the south, Shymkent ranks second in terms of growth rate after Astana. Meanwhile, the number of beds in the system of the Ministry of Health of the city of Shymkent as of January 01, 2021 was 40.7 per 10 thousand people, which is 29% lower than the republican average. For that reason sometimes the patients have to wait their turn for a planned hospitalization or surgery. The new hospital will make a tangible contribution to solving the problem of quality medical care in the southern region of Kazakhstan.


The group of «Ontustik FTIC» LLP performs the implementation of the «Construction of a multidisciplinary university hospital for 800 beds and a clinical and diagnostic center (polyclinic) for 700 visits per shift in Shymkent» investment project.

Customer: Kazakh Innovation University LLP



The project is implemented according to the Regional perspective plan of development of an infrastructure of public health services of Shymkent till 2026 and corresponds to the State program of development of public health services of RK for 2020 – 2025 approved by the government of the country. The construction is taking place in the Bozaryk-2 neighborhood of Shymkent, about 17 kilometers from the center of the megalopolis. The area of the land within the red line- 16.65 hectares, the total building area – 125,000 square meters.

The project is implemented at the expense of the investor engaged by the project initiator, and borrowed funds in accordance with the design and estimate documentation and EPC-contract. EPC contractor is China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), a part of the Sinomach Holding (China), that provides turnkey construction of the facility, as well as training for future hospital staff in the use of the new equipment and management of the facility.


The layout of the new hospital carries a special thought in its architectural appearance. The ring- shaped centripetal structural system is based on the «Ring of Life» concept. The outpatient department, medical technology areas, and rooms are sequentially connected, symbolizing endless life and its never-ending cycle. The circular transportation system is integrated with the architectural form, it accentuates the smoothness of space and accessibility of movement.


The entrance to the building is designed as an eagle soaring with outspread wings. The lively architectural character sets a positive psychological make-up. The smooth horizontal linear elements reveal the idea of a flying eagle, the elements go from flat to three-dimensional space and integrate with each other.

Implementation of the project will allow the construction of a modern high-tech hospital and provide high quality and access to medical care to residents of Shymkent, Turkistan region and other regions of the country. In the new medical institution it is planned to use modern advanced technologies and scientific developments, to conduct clinical and laboratory research with the transfer of the results to practical health care. It will also provide high-quality clinical training for students, interns, and residency students at the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.


It’s one step from the science lab to the student auditorium to the patient’s bedside. This is the principle used by university hospitals around the world. In the whole world, university hospitals are flagships of the health care system. It is in the university hospitals, education, science, and medical practice are woven together in a strong alliance for the benefit of the patient. It is in these clinics that the most advanced treatment and innovative diagnostics are concentrated. The doctors here are engaged in research, and patients participate in discoveries, experiencing the latest innovative treatments. At the same time, students are shown operations and manipulations that are particularly interesting from a medical point of view, and lectures are given by practicing doctors of the clinic.

University hospitals are the centers of medical discovery and innovation, and are the most effective way for science, education, and practice to work together. It pools the efforts of the hospital’s medical staff and university professors and lecturers to improve the quality of medical care, to raise the professional level of the medical staff and to provide qualified training for the hospital. The high-performance university hospitals around the world create new directions in medicine, develop medical technology, medicines, new medical technologies in all areas of health care.

The main functions of the University multifield hospital:

• Surgical suite

• Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit

• Pediatric unit

• Emergency admission department by triage system

• Scheduled admission department with entrance space

• Admission department for the obstetric unit

• Admission department for the pediatric unit

• Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Resuscitation Departments

• Surgery suite

• Day patient facility

• Consultative and diagnostic center (outpatient clinic) for 700 visits

• Administration unit

• Endoscopy department

• Physiotherapy and physical therapy department

• Hemodialysis unit for 12 beds

• Department of Radiology and Functional Diagnostics

• Nuclear Medicine Center

• Clinical diagnostic laboratories, microbiological laboratory

• Sterilization department

• Hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical products warehouse.

There are auxiliary departments – laundry and disinfection, catering and service and amenity rooms for staff, checkroom, dining room, archive, garage and helicopter pad for sanaviation.

There will be facilities for students and interns – 60 classrooms, two classrooms, a conference room, a library with reading hall, and a simulation center.

The upswing equipment of the new hospital will allow to expand the scope of services, and significantly improve opportunities for the professional development of physicians, which will make it possible to provide the kind of medical care that has not yet been offered in Kazakhstan.

The new medical facility will make extensive use of new technologies, particularly, digital.

Peculiar features of the new hospital:

• Digital office and electronic medical records system

• A state-of-the-art office system

• Information management system of medical imaging

• Leading medical equipment

• Laboratory information management system

• Positive health environment

• Pneumatic pipeline logistic transfer system

• Efficient logistics system.

University hospital is a unique opportunity to combine several processes in one medical institution: medical care of any degree of complexity and training of professional staff. Not only the most modern medical equipment is concentrated here, but also the best models of rational management, financing and quality control of medical care. These are new opportunities for scientific research that meets modern world requirements, introduction of innovative methods into practice, as well as new frontiers of inter- national cooperation with leading scientific and medical institutions around the world.

The project will be implemented until 2025, it will employ 2,200 specialists. The new hospital will provide about 21 bln KZT of tax deductions to the budget in 10 years.