The SOUTH OIL’s new projects — a way to expand and diversify

The enhancement of economic efficiency and competitiveness of oil production organizations based on diversification is one of the effective tools for adapting to changes in the external environment. The development of production diversification requires the construction of business models focused on the future state of

the economy and industry. And currently the ability to develop and implement a diversification strategy as a set of measures and technologies to implement innovative development becomes an important managerial skill.

South Oil Company has launched a number of large-scale projects of national standing

that will materially affect the development of Kazakhstan’s regions and economy. The project portfolio includes chemical, oil and mining refineries, factories and plants, power plants and health facilities.

Plan for implementation of investment projects

2023 — 2 projects

• Petrochemical plant.

• Coal chemical complex

2024 — 4 projects

• Sustobe Chemical Complex

• Phosphate ore processing plant (1 stage)

• Gas power station in Tulkubassky dis- trict

• Production of sodium cyanide

2025 — 4 projects

• Construction of a water pipeline with chain of power plants on the Ugam River

• 800-bed multi-field hospital

• Phosphate ore processing plant (2 stage)

• Copper enrichment plant in the East Kazakhstan region

In its work to launch new facilities, SOUTH-OIL complies with environmental regulations and takes measures to improve the environment. All facilities involve the state-of-the-art technology enabling to ensure a zero-waste production cycle and zero level of environmental emissions. In 10 years, the new enterprises will transfer to the budget as taxes about 600 bln KZT. More than 8,500 people will have jobs and regular income at the new SOUTH-OIL facilities.