Rixos Turkistan — a new sign of the ancient city

Ancient Turkistan is the most important center of attraction for tourists in the south of Kazakhstan. Here is the tomb of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, which is a beautiful example of medieval architecture and a place where many people go to pray.

Guests, including international organizations, come to Turkistan every day. And a five-star hotel, Rixos Turkistan, was built to welcome guests in the new regional center.

The hotel of the Rixos brand was built by Munay Kurylys Service Company for the second time; the first hotel of the world-famous brand appeared in Shymkent in 2014.

 And in Turkistan city, Rixos Turkistan Hotel was inaugurated in November 2020. The official ceremony was attended by the Prime Ministers of the two countries, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The hotel was built in 18 months, and the project cost $50 million. The world-class hotel created more than a hundred jobs for the city.

While building Rixos Turkistan hotel, the developers tried to preserve the atmosphere and spirit of the ancient city. The building is in tune with the appearance of Turkistan, which corresponds to its historical and architectural features. The seven–storey hotel does not tower over the shrine of Turkistan, the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The central element of the lobby was the symbol of the mausoleum — Tai Kazan, a symbol of unity and cordiality.

 Rixos Turkistan has everything necessary for a five— star hotel according to international standards and norms: business centers and conference halls, six cinemas, several restaurants, and more than 120 spacious rooms of various categories. Rixos Hotel quickly became one of the most important tourist infrastructure facilities of the renovated Turkistan.

The hotel has Ozge Epic Creative Center, where creative meetings and other cultural events take place. The hotel has already become a favorite place of leisure not only for guests but also for residents of Turkistan. Here you can spend an atmospheric evening in «The Voice Karaoke», visit Rixos Spa, or  the  soulful restaurant «KazakhAsia».