The company was founded in 2008. The sodium cyanide plant is Kazakhstan’s first and only chemical industry enterprise producing this type of product. Sodium cyanide is used in gold mining and a variety of other industries. Before the plant opened, it was an imported commodity. Now, production not only contributes to import substitution, but also promotes domestic product exports to Russia and Central Asia.

 The strategic goal of LLP «Talas Investment Company» is to ensure long-term growth and to become one of the region’s leading chemical companies. The goal is attained through a well-balanced solution of socioeconomic tasks and environmental problems.

The plant is located in the industrial zone of Karatau city, Zhambyl region, on land owned by LLP «Talas Investment Company». The plant’s designed capacity is 15,000 tons of sodium cyanide and 5,000 tons of ammonium sulfate per year.

The plant was built as part of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development. Construction began in May 2012, and the plant was completed in June 2014. The plant currently employs 582 people.

 This is a complex production in the highest safety category. The plant produced 13.5 thousand tons of sodium cyanide in 2022 while operating at 90% capacity. Production is increasing, and so are the ranks of consumers. Talas Investment Company saves domestic gold mining companies from importing products, and ammonium sulfate is produced during the sodium cyanide production process; this is a high-quality fertilizer in demand among agricultural producers.

Due to increased demand for sodium cyanide, the plant began an investment project to increase production capacity to 30 thousand tons per year. An additional 300 new jobs will be created after the project’s second stage.

LLP «Talas Investment Company» established and successfully runs industrial safety, labor protection, and environmental management systems. They are constructed in accordance with Kazakh law and the best practices from both within and outside the country. There are certificates of conformity with international standards ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001.