RIXOS SHYMKENT — a symbol of Shymkent’s hospitality

A five-star hotel in a big city always becomes a conglomeration of tourist, commercial, and artistic vectors. It welcomes distinguished visitors and hosts conferences, important meetings, exhibitions, and concerts, in addition to personal events.

Rixos Khadisha Shymkent Hotel has become a multifunctional complex for residents and guests of Shymkent. It has important elements of a prestigious urban environment — the best restaurants and boutiques, fitness centers, and offices.

Rixos Hotel, located in a quiet corner of Shymkent, has long been known to locals and visitors alike. It has become a visiting card of Shymkent, its pride.

Shymkent Rixos hotel is quite young by global standards; it is not even ten years old. There was previously no five-star hotel in Kazakhstan’s third megacity, and distinguished guests, international delegations, foreign investors, and experts were constantly drawn to the expanding city. A high-end hotel was required.

S.S. Seitzhanov, the head of «SOUTH-OIL», submitted his proposals to the region’s management for the construction of the Rixos hotel in Shymkent. This network has serious authority around the world. Construction began in 2013. The general contractor was «Munay Kurylys Service, and the project value was 80 million dollars.

The author of the high-rise ensemble is Norman Foster, a world-famous architect who at one time designed «Palace of Peace and Accord» and «Khan Shatyr» shopping and entertainment center in Nur-Sultan.

The elegant 12-storey building is lined with natural white marble imported from Italy and Turkey. In the center of the hall is a botanical garden with exotic plants. The huge hall room is crowned with a transparent ceiling, allowing the building to be illuminated in a natural way.

The hotel has 177 large rooms with the latest technology that are decorated in a classic style. Some rooms are striking not only in beauty but also in scale; the area of the apartments ranges from 35 to 450 sq. m. The Presidential room is the largest not only in the hotel, but also in the whole of Kazakhstan. The hotel offers conference rooms, a luxurious banquet hall for weddings, fashion shows, conferences, and seminars, as well as a hall for negotiations and meetings.

Rixos Khadisha Shymkent has a SPA and fitness centers, a sauna, high cuisine, and guests are offered the highest service and a full set of necessary services.

Another role of the hotel is to provide conference rooms for business events and a place for students to practice under the roadmap and the dual training program.

The hotel business is one of the fastest-growing industries; this industry is the basis of the entire tourism sector, and moreover, the development of the hotel business stimulates the development of other areas of the economy. And Shymkent Rixos Hotel has been proving this rule for all the years of its existence, becoming a real symbol of Shymkent’s hospitality.