«Standard Resources» was founded in 2010, its core activity is the wholesale sale of petroleum products. Head of the compa­ny – Seitzhanov Nurzhan Serikzhano­vich. 

In early 2013, the company commenced construction of its own gas stations, and in August of the same year, the first SATTI ZHOL gas station appeared in Shymkent at the corner of Dulati and Ryskulov streets. In November 2013, the second gas station was opened on the Shymkent-Saryagash highway. 

Soon, stylish white and green gas stations with the latest generation of equipment were opened in different parts of the Shymkent and Turkistan regions. The wishes of drivers, the needs of resi­dents of certain areas of the growing metropolis, and the convenience of gas station placement were taken into account. In total, 7 SATTI ZHOL gas stations operate in Shymkent and Turkistan regions. 

At each gas station, there are mini-markets for the purchase of car parts, accessories, and consumables, as well as other goods in a large assortment and at affordable prices. 

The company continues to develop the convenient infrastructure of gas stations with the improvement of customer service quality standards and the launch of loyalty programs.

Due to high-quality fuel, a rich assortment of related products, and a pleasant atmosphere, the gas stations managed to earn the trust of customers and become an efficient and technological company. The company’s management responds to changes in demand and consumer demands, ensuring a competitive advantage in market conditions. 

In order to provide its own gas stations with high-quality fuel, the company started construction of а plant for the production of petroleum products «Petrochemical Plant». lt was launched in the third quarter of 2020 as part of the state program «Industrialization Maps. The investment cost of the project is 1,500 million tenge. 200 local residents were able to find work here. The production capacity of the plant is 30 thousand tons of raw materials per year. The main types of products are RON-92 gasoline, winter diesel fuel, benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, fuel oil, and Euro-3 fuel. 

To date, the petrochemical plant produces RON-92 gasoline and high-quality diesel fuel for its own gas stations.