The production operations provide for the transfer of new technologies that have no analogues in the CIS countries. This is the application of unique WR-technology (vortex rectification). The technology is based on gasdynamic effects, it makes it possible to efficiently process hydrocarbon raw materials (oil, gas condensate, oil sludge, coal, peat). The project start-up will reduce the shortage of fuels and lubricants and will have an impact on price regulation.

The plant is currently under construction, first phase is 50% complete. The main part of the equipment has been paid for. The commissioning of Stage I is planned by the end of 2023.

850 specialists will be involved in the construction of the plant, and after the launch of the new company will employ 650 people on a permanent basis.

Tax revenues in the budget of the country for 10 years — 125 bln KZT.