Kazakhstan keeps going in the right direction to build a modern economy that can compete on the world market. Sozak Phosphate is building a complex where complex mineral fertilizers and other complex chemical products will be made. This is one of the projects that will make this kind of production possible.

The implementation of the investment project commenced in accordance with the resolutions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and State programs for the implementation of investment projects in the field of industry.

Five basic characteristics of the future complex innovation

  1. When launching the investment project, the complex will use its own phosphorite ore produced and enriched at quarries in Turkestan and Zhambyl regions. Equipping the complex with its own raw materials for production of fertilizers is an important stage in ensuring the smooth operation of the enterprise, which reduces the dependence of production on external suppliers.
  2. The selected technology of fertilizer production is innovative. It is used by the world’s leading manufacturers. The production of this technology has no analogues in Kazakhstan.
  3. The new complex will significantly reduce the load on the environment due to the selected technologies.
  4. The complex will meet the needs of domestic agriculture in phosphorus fertilizers and, moreover, will allow Kazakhstan to become a net exporter on the world market. And this is another significant step towards a stable competitive position of our country’s economy on the world market – in this case in the field of phosphorus fertilizers, the need for which is constantly growing in the world.
  5. The promising direction of the complex will be production of complex mineral fertilizers, as well as products for pharmaceutical industry, defense industry and for production of energy- carrying devices.


At Ushbas field and other sites (there are three licenses for exploration  of  solid  minerals-phosphorites), the company is conducting geological exploration to increase reserves with the attraction of large contracting organizations, including drilling, logging, and geophysical companies. It carried out a joint geological exploration with the Chinese company CNPM. To date, the total reserves of phosphorite ores on the balance sheet of «Sozak Phosphate» amount to more than 1 billion tons.

Topographic, geological, and hydrogeological surveys are conducted on the site where it is planned to build the complex. In parallel, negotiations are underway with international companies on development of a basic project and the commencement of construction and installation work on the site. One of their partners is the international Chinese company TSS, the leader of the chemical industry.

The demand for products is constantly studied, this is an important element of modern marketing. In this aspect, the company closely cooperates with world-famous marketing agencies. Their research confirms the need for phosphorus fertilizers all over the world. Cooperation has been established with major mineral fertilizer traders who are already interested in exporting «Sozak Phosphate» products to the markets of Europe, Asia, South America, India and other countries.

The complex provides for the creation of more than 700 jobs at «Sozak Phosphate» and more than 300 jobs at the quarry/processing plant. Mobilization plans for recruitment are developed. The project team closely cooperates with higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.