«SOUTH-OIL» oil and gas company is engaged in exploration and production of hydrocarbons— in Kyzylorda and Ulytau regions. It was established with participation of FTIC Ontustik LLP, which owns a larger share of the authorized capital (owners of the company are the family of S. Seitzhanov). And today «SOUTH-OIL» is deservedly considered one of the most successful and fast developing companies in the oil and gas market of Kazakhstan.

Company covers almost the entire cycle of oil and gas production, develops and implements innovative methods of field development, including those with hard-to-recover reserves. The great attention is paid to environmental projects and programs to support education and professional development of employees.

The company’s management considers social and charitable activities an important part of its work. Over 20 years, «SOUTH-OIL» has implemented a number of programs aimed at improving the quality of life of population and development of territories.

The head office is located in Shymkent, the Company has branches in Astana and Kyzylorda. Kyzylorda division is equipped with a production facilities and sports complex for 600 people. Currently, Company employs 890 people. «SOUTH-OIL» LLP is a 100% Kazakhstani company, without any foreign participation.

During the period of the Company’s activity 10 oil and gas fields were discovered, commercial production of hydrocarbons is performed in five fields – Kenlyk, Southwest Karabulak, East Akshabulak, Aktau, Yesszhan, and Kalzhan, Northern Akshabulak, Western Akshabulak, Northern Kenlyk and Bukharsay fields are under supplementary exploration to bring them into commercial production. Since the beginning of its activity, Company has produced 9.371 million tons of oil and 745.250 million cubic meters of gas, 381 wells were drilled.

For many years «SOUTH-OIL» has been productively cooperating with such companies as «Munay Kurylys Service» LLP, «Smart-Oil» LLP, where main founder of which is FTIC Ontustik LLP.

The company has developed in stages. In 1999, a multi-field construction company «Munay Kyrulus Service» was opened, in 2004 «Smart-Oil» drilling company, which since its establishment has been drilling exploration and prospect wells for «SOUTH-OIL» also performs well workovers.

All 20 years the company has been working in social investment projects with local orientation, improving the lives of cities and villages, and at the national level, working for the benefit of the whole country. This includes many areas of life: from culture and sports, to projects to revive spirituality. The company consistently integrates the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility into its business strategy and actively participates in solving regional social issues, allocating annually 3% of production costs to social development.

«SOUTH-OIL» adheres to the principles of continuous development and growth of both the company and the workforce, and encourages the initiatives of its employees. One striking example is the implementation of a project for exploration and production of shale oil and gas.

The geological survey of «SOUTH-OIL» performed systematic and thorough collection and processing of various geological information, to confirm the oil and gas potential of oil-source sediments. The foreign research institutes were involved in the work, particularly the «RN BashNIPIneft». As a result of geological exploration, oil and gas content of source beds of the Karagansay strata were found for the first time. The oil and gas content was confirmed by both core data and oil inflow during testing.

RK Law «Concerning introduction of amendments and additions to specific legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Electricity, Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency, Subsoil Use, Local Public Administration, State Border, Housing and Science» of June 30, 2022 introduced the concept of «unconventional hydrocarbons» to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Subsoil and Subsoil Use», including the concepts of «shale oil», «shale gas», «natural bitumen» «coalbed methane» and «gas extracted from gas hydrates».

On February 02, 2023, by the Order of Acting Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development No. 71 methods of classification of field reserves and inferred resources, instruction on calculation of reserves of minerals, including those related to unconventional hydrocarbons, developed jointly by employees of «SOUTH- OIL» LLP and various research institutes following a working meeting organized by «SOUTH-OIL» LLP in Shymkent approved.

In 20 years, Company has become a large enterprise, which cooperates with many reputable international companies, implements the projects of public private partnership, attracts investments for development of the regions of presence.

The company’s 20th anniversary year was another milestone in its development – «Non-governmental charitable foundation named after Serikzhan Seitzhanov» is established this year. The primary objective of the Foundation is comprehensive support of education projects. After all, that’s how the intergenerational continuity is created — youth absorbs the wisdom of their ancestors, rethinks their experience with the latest trends and innovation, and continue to develop the country