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SOUTH OIL LLP is the known sponsor of republican level, which actively stimulates development of domestic education system. The company headed by Serikzhan Seytzhanovich finances M. Shakhanov’s and K.Munaytpasov’s Secondary Schools and a variety of other regional children’s educational and preschool centres.

In this connection it is necessary to note a general human and civil importance, which cannot be overestimated. Serikzhan Seytzhanovich Seytzhanov, the President of SOUTH OIL Company was born and grown up in Yeski of village of Otrarsky District of the South Kazakhstan Oblast. The new school was constructed at the expense of his personal means of Tenge 270 million and it opened doors for local children! That money was used to equip dining room, library, sports and assembly halls, computer classes, physics, chemistry, biology, other premises by all required devices in addition to two-storeyed school building.

Care of children, national future, place in which I was born and grown is my holy duty as businessman and patriot. I am proud that I realised a perennial dream of Seytzhan Kurtaev, my father, veteran of war, teacher, who devoted life to education sphere. The new school would be named after his name. The old school was constructed with his participation, more than forty years ago. It was located in an unsuitable place according to modern views. Also, it was old and dangerous for children. Therefore, I decided to fulfil my final duty and to build a new school, in which the children would be safe, comfortable and homelike, he told at opening ceremony.

S.S. Seytzhanov was awarded by Patron of Education honorary title and medal for his significant personal contribution into domestic education system. Merits of Serikzhan Seytzhanovich as patron were noted and accordingly he was awarded by Altyn Zhurek, another prestigious state award, gold medal, and thankful letter of Nursultan Nazarbaev, the President of Republic of Kazakhstan.

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