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Rational recycling of passing gas

  february 2011

One of the major problems of any oil company is rational salvaging of a dissolved gas in order to increase the economic efficiency of oil extracting, prevention of environmental harmful effect. This direction is a vital task for SOUTH OIL.

The SOUTH OIL new factory solemn commissioning ceremony took place on 23 December of last year, which was to salvage and waste-handle Kenlyk field passing petroleum gas. Management and employees of the company, branch divisions heads, and local self-regulating organisations delegations headed by Bolatbek Bayanovich Kuandykov, Akim of Kyzylordinskaya Oblast, representatives of Munay Kurylys Service general contractor, public organisations, other honoured guests, and journalists took part in this event.

The project estimated cost was Tenge 4,7 billion. The factory’s capacity enabled 100 million m3 of passing petroleum gas processing per year. Thus, OG (oil gas) salvaging based on deep waste-handling technology successful discharge of two kinds of high-quality production is provided: 40 thousand tons of technical liquefied propane-butane (GOST 20448-90) and 8 thousand tons gas stable benzine (TC 39-1340-89). Relevant role is played by an ecological component: harmful atmosphere emissions of oil light fraction have been brought to naught practically due to new factory system input. Gas burning is not used; oil spill soil pollution is of minimum level; fire safety observance is guaranteed.

The enterprise’s industrial infrastructure includes electric mains, gas line, gasoline and condensed gas retention reservoirs.

The factory is equipped by high-technology equipment of Red Mountain Energy Corp., a known American company and equipment of Russian, Chinese, Saudi Arabian leading producers.

Dissolved gas salvaging is completely profitable. Serikzhan Seytzhanovich Seytzhanov, president of SOUTH OIL LLP noted in the interview, that the factory’s casing-head gasoline could be used for the various purposes, such as raw pyrolysis of petrochemical productions. Exhausted condensed gas is an extremely indispensable as fuel, including household needs of Kyzylordinsky and Shymkent regions. The wide demand for factory production has been caused by its reasonable cost as the company management practices a flexible, rational pricing approach to consumers.

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