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Use of the advanced equipment

  february 2011
Use of modern equipment and technological innovations makes it possible to evaluate the ‘black gold’ quality based on temperature, gravity, dissolved gas share, etc. That provides for high results of water treatment.

Production rationalisation is inconceivable without human factor, worthy labour payments. Objects of SOUTH OIL number hundreds specialists. They are local population, basically. Work is based on a shift method including long time around-the-clock duties. That is why, comfortable work and residing conditions are important for local population. The personnel have constructed modern camps. They are the equipped complexes with developed territory, comfortable housing blocks including all conveniences, first-aid post, dining room, athletic field, washhouses, laundry, and billiard. Camp shifts are provided by a free food, which includes dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables all year long.

Fostering of rational approach to business activities, economic potential and social program support, environmental protection, well-being, safety and health of employees are major parts of SOUTH OIL productive work, which allows us to look ahead with confidence and optimism.

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