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Tennis courts for mass sports

  february 2011

Building of Kaynar, large sports complex was completed in Kyzylorda, which was equipped by modern tennis courts. The work cycle of Tenge 300 m was paid by SOUTH OIL LLP, which were specifically allocated for this purpose.

Nursultan Nazarbaev, the president of Republic of Kazakhstan has paid a special attention to country mass kinds of sports development in the next Message to the people. It was noted that not less than 30 % of the population should be involved in mass sports, while non-state sector should complete considerable tasks on sports infrastructure development.

SOUTH-OIL LLP headed by Serikzhan Seytzhanov, a well known republican patron of art in republic undertook to construct sport complex within Memorandum of Cooperation in Social and Economic Development of Kyzylordinskaya Oblast, 2010. The company, being a pioneer of many kind deeds, perceived words of the President as guidance.

The new sport centre structure included six courts; two of them were in a specially erected covered premise, which could be used for volleyball and basketball, mass sports. The center was located in immediate proximity to Gani Muratbaev’s Central Stadium and Eurasia Active Sport Centre. The evident testimony of the project importance and high status was employment of Concept 90 Croatian company specialists, who possessed the richest world sports constructions expertise.

Bolatbek Kuandykov, Akim of Kyzylordinskaya Oblast thanked SOUTH OIL management during Kaynar Sport Center opening ceremony. He noted the company’s significant contribution in many projects on regional social infrastructure development.

In reciprocal speech Serikzhan Seytzhanov, SOUTH OIL president noted that any company should be guided constantly by a principle of social responsibility, outlined by Head of the state at business forum in Astana. He emphasised that his company should support mass sports, henceforth, as one of its social policy priorities.

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