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Building of Kyzylorda – Kumkol motorway has been accomplished

  february 2011

190 km motorway connecting Kyzylorda regional centre with oilfields of Kumkol was built within Program of Kyzylordinskiy Region Industrialisation. Cost of the project was nearby Tenge 5 bln.

Bolatbek Kuandykov noted during ceremony of commissioning, that the project implementation became possible due to joint investments made by a number of domestic oil companies and self-denying work of Corporation Bereke-A JSC, Kyran LLP and UAD LLP domestic construction firm’s staff.

In particular, the investments major part was made by of PetroKazahstan Kumkol Resources Joint-Stock Company (44,9 %) according to percentage proportion, 45,7 % belonged to Torgay Petroleum Joint-Stock Company, 5,3 % was contributed by Kor NC Joint-Stock Company and 4,1 % were financial means of SOUTH OIL LLP.

Kumkol field works on oil prospecting and recovery have started 30 years ago. Drilling equipment, necessary infrastructure elements have been brought to a new field. Afterwards and following first oil, road building was initiated. 5 years were spent on 190-km trace routing. 130 km were asphalted only, the other part was covered by rubble and grave, - reminded Serik Sermagambetov, the chief of the industry and business department. Within five years, only 130 kilometres were asphalted, the other part was graved. Delivery of tons of oil by supersize cars moving on an asphalted trace was unsafe. In summer, there was high dust content and impassability in spring and autumn. That is why building completion was seen as end of troubles by drivers.

Omirbek Shamenov, Head of Passenger Transport and Highways Department of Kyzylordinskaya Oblast pointed out that that new road thickness of 14 cm consisted of three strata: high-quality asphalt covering basic gravel-rubble-sandy mixture of 26 cm. It allowed for essential increase of an axle load, unobstructed oil-field heavy haulers movement. It is remarkable, that road works included arrangement of roundabout roads and, that there was no traffic stoppage, accordingly subsurface use companies did not incur any damage.

Bolatbek Kuandykov thanked oil industry employees and road workers for efficiency and high quality, specifically, emphasising that normal building term for so lengthy trace was at least three years, and, nevertheless, full work complex was accomplished for one year.
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