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january 2021

Information about the environmental activities of SOUTH-OIL LLP

SOUTH-OIL LLP is one of the leading oil and gas producing enterprises of the Kyzylorda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company conducts commercial production of hydrocarbons at the Kenlyk, South-West Karabulak, Aktau, East Akshabulak fields, and also carries out oil and gas exploration in a number of contract areas.

february 2011

The new factory on dissolved gas salvaging was put into operation

On December 23rd of the past year the new KazFrac (SOUTH OIL affiliated company) factory commissioning solemn ceremony took place. The factory was built to salvage and waste-handle Kenlyk passing petroleum gas.

february 2011

Tennis courts for mass sports

Building of Kaynar, large sports complex was completed in Kyzylorda, which was equipped by modern tennis courts. The work cycle of Tenge 300 m was paid by SOUTH OIL LLP, which were specifically allocated for this purpose.

february 2011

Strengthening of cooperation with Russian suppliers

SOUTH OIL LLP Kazakh Oil Company is continuously developing field infrastructure. It has established and maintains relations with many Russian equipment producers.

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